Our technology


Our robotics and mechatronic systems function automatically and consistently 24/7/365. This leads to increased flexibility, scalability, and less dependency on human labor. Our advanced handling, internal logistics systems and crop specific grippers result in product friendly handling.

Computer vision

Our Computer Vision systems identify and locate organic plants and crops objectively at high speed. With unprecedented consistency – compared to human work – quality, grading classification, location and intermediate states are measured and processed.


The data from the sensors and vision cameras generate constant flow of information that is used to optimize process control and data points that customers can use real-time for optimal processing, quality assurance and track and traceability across value chains. Off-line data can be used for additional process optimization, forecasting and predictive measures.


Our software and algorithms process all data and information at the speed of light optimizing yields. As the algorithms are self-learning (AI) they will improve performance further and provide suggestions and information to growers and other value chain members to support their business.

With over 60 colleagues the group is dedicated to advancing the world